I am extremely blessed to say that doing something I love so much is my job. The feeling I get from doing what I do is the sole reason why I started my own business and I’m excited to share this passion with more women out there.

I have been in the hair, beauty and fashion industry for some time now. I am a fully qualified Hair Stylist and spent a long time in this industry working with some extremely creative and wonderfully talented hairdressers. This love of making women feel good about the way they look lead me into a career in fashion. I have worked with some amazing leading Australian retailers which lead me to styling the everyday women. Conducting a creative team in my management roles and helping dress the Australian women was above all one of my highest achievements. Having a regular client base returning for my services allowed me to watch women leave the store glowing with a new outfit I had put together for them. Within this time I worked hard to learn everything I possibly could about the styling and the fashion industry with continual training and courses along the way enabling me to be the best at what I do.

This love has only flourished more over the years as I have continued on my journey as a personal stylist. I want to be able to make women feel good not only on the inside, but on the outside by way of the clothing we wear.