Sarah worked with me prior to my move to Shanghai at the end of last year. She helped me create a style that I was comfortable with and excited by. Sarah’s expertise was definitely on show when we had a day shopping as she effortlessly chose items and put together different outfits that suited my brief.

Sarah embodies the style she creates and it is refreshing to see someone so passionate about what they do.

In my 40’s I can finally say I have found a style thanks to willo smith styling!

Rachael W. / Facebook

My experience with Sarah was honestly an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding journey that far exceeded my expectations. Sarah not only rejuvenated my look but also my confidence and respect for myself.

After 3 years of a baby, returning to work, and turning 40 I was seeing the beginnings of a style rut, I needed help and a little bit of self indulgence. Sarah opened my eyes to a style that suited my lifestyle and budget, she gave me the confidence to try new things and embrace change and she had a way of making it all feel like I was with an old friend; honest and faithful.

I would highly recommend Sarah for this experience, she was incredibly professional, a great communicator, and she has really brought me into a new me. I have walked away with an amazing new style, the knowledge to keep building on this by myself, and she has continued to provide ongoing support through regular contact. Its been unbelievably successful for me and I really can’t thank Sarah enough.

Overall this was a gentle reminder that it was ok to invest some time into myself.

Julia P. / Facebook

I met Sarah nearly 10 years ago ? when we worked together at Witchery. She was my manager and was not only an absolute treasure to work with and set a high standard for all colleagues and friends who came after her.

Undoubtedly the most memorable thing about working with her was watching her ability to make every single customer feel comfortable and confident. It wasn’t about how much they spent, or having them stick to a certain style – it was obvious that her priority was making people feel good about themselves.

It came naturally to her – both her absolute kindness and respectfulness to every single person, and her obvious sense of style. I was so over the moon when I saw she started styling freelance because I can’t imagine anyone more suited to this. She’s an absolutely beautiful person inside and out and can’t recommend her more highly ?

Jessica R.
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