Wardrobe revamp – $350


What lady doesn’t dream of the perfect wardrobe? Opening the doors to your existing wardrobe will never be the same again once we have finished our session together. No longer will you have that over whelming feeling of having nothing to wear.


Once our session is complete you will be excited to dive into outfits that express your individual style, all the pieces will be picked for you with your body shape, lifestyle and colours in mind. All while we have a great laugh and fun together.


Together we will create looks that will be achievable for you to complete every day. Knowing what to do with the right pieces that already exist in your wardrobe will make the experience so liberating. You’ll be surprised what having a Stylist eye look at what you already have in your wardrobe can do for you as we set out the staple pieces, shed light on what those pieces can do for you. Once this is done we will then be able to see any missing pieces that will be needed to complete that ultimate wardrobe you’ve always wished for.